jQuery UI sortable incorrectly positioned on drag when page is scrolled

While this issue is a bit odd, there’s not much in the way of information online and I suspect it will become more common as people start adding support for smaller screens and mobiles to their sites.

Here was our problem:
When dragging a sortable element, positioning was fine unless you were scrolled down the page a little.

After some trial and error, we found it was created by a combination of body{offset-x: hidden;} and position:relative on one of the parent elements of the sortable widget.

Now we don’t want to go removing things from other people’s pages to fix our work, because it will almost certainly break something else (these are templates, so the risk is high and regression testing a big task). The solution was to put offset-x: auto on the same element that gets scrollable applied to it.

This is due to get fixed in jQuery UI 2 as they rewrite the sortable plugin.

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