Webaim screenreader user survey

The annual screenreader user survey is out, at http://webaim.org/projects/screenreadersurvey4/

If you’ve not seen it before, it is definitely worth the five minutes it will take you to scan through. Its results contradict a lot of received wisdom about screenreader behaviour, and highlight which features are actually really helpful (and which aren’t).

Main takeaways:

  • Screenereader users love headings for navigating around a page
  • 1.4% don’t have JS on, so your biggest user base without JS is going to be search bots.
  • 82.7% update their software
  • JAWS is still dominant, but decreasing due to uptake in NVDA (free) and VoiceOver (Mac, iOS)
  • CAPTCHA is still a massive pain. Only Flash is worse for difficulty
  • Quite a lot are using mobiles with screenreaders

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